Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto your computer when you visit a website. It can store information such as the website name or a unique user code, also known as an ID.

Once the cookie is on your computer or device the site can refer to the cookie to tailor the experience you have on the site based on the information it has each time you visit.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies can be used for many different reasons, but mainly auto form filling, tracking visitor numbers, storing shopping basket items, tailoring content, targeted adverts and security.

What is a non-essential cookie?

Any cookie used for tracking purposes to count the number of people visiting a website, any cookies used by first or third party advertisers / affiliates, and cookies used to recognise the user when they return to a site so they receive a tailored greeting or specific landing page.

Non-essential cookies are the target of the ‘Cookie Law’ brought into the EU on May 26th 2012. Websites need to gain consent, either implied or informed, before serving a user these Cookies.

What cookies are used on this site?

There are two types of cookies you will encounter on this site, first party and third party.

  • First party cookies are our own. They are controlled by us and used to store information about your visit.
  • Third party cookies are those that are used to enhance the experience on our site using other companies’ tools. For example, Google Analytics, Addthis, DoubleClick and Facebook have their own cookies that are controlled by them. To control third party cookies, you can also adjust your web browser settings, click here to read more. does not use any non-essential first party cookies.